Monday, February 9, 2015

Marshall Law printing on Shirt.Woot today!

Marshall Law by Loco Robo Co.

So as you may have figured out by now... I love the Fallout games. For some reason while watching this season of The Walking Dead this idea popped into my head. “What kind of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. would each of the characters have?” Then it moved to, “If they had special perks, what would they be?” And that is how I ended up with this design. I had planned on doing an entire series. Marshall Law being the first as Rick Grimes. Sensational Samurai as Michonne, Skilled Bowman as Daryl, Pizza Boy Sprint as Glenn and Farmer’s Daughter as Maggie. However, I think now these just help add another little easter egg into the overall design. Also, it says Level 5 to represent that we are in Season 5 of The Walking Dead now.

Early rendition of this design.
So to come up with how this should look I started looking at what Vault Boy perk icons already existed. I found a few that I could use as a baseline. So the main pose of Rick is from one called Gunslinger, and I borrowed the style of the hat from another. I tried to make it look like Rick, while retaining as much of the Vault Boy as possible. I gave him squinty eyes that sort of match the expression Rick has a lot of times. The text is supposed to represent how Rick’s character is a natural leader, so naturally he would have a little more charisma than others. I also threw in Gun and Melee skills because of his talent with those weapons. I toyed around with a different color scheme as well. The default color of Fallout: New Vegas is amber, and I thought that color matched pretty well with the color and tone of The Walking Dead. However, when I showed it to people, I got a better response from the classic green from the previous Fallout games.

Many thanks to my friends who had to see 20 or so iterations of this design and help me make those oh so crucial final tweaks. Also, a big thanks to for picking up another of my designs! This makes number 3!

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