Monday, July 9, 2012

Cdn: Fleshwound

This is my first design to be picked  up by a daily shirt site. Ironically it is the one I spent the least amount of time on. I was shooting around ideas with my buddies one day while having lunch. I had recently started a new character in Fallout: New Vegas and was talking about how terribly I had set up the character and was getting beat up by cazadors. We then started with ideas for Fallout themed shirts. We had seen a lot of Monty Python themed shirts as of late, and then it hit me. I've always thought about the Black Knight when one of my limbs is crippled in Fallout and you keep on fighting, most likely because you found some rare item and don't want to lose it by dying. "Tis but a scratch." 

Original Crude Sketch
When I pitched the idea, my friends said absolutley! I have to give props to fellow artist and friend, Ben Smith aka The Bensanity. He helped prod my mind to get this idea out.

After I got the sketch out, I got it into illustrator and did my thing. I also found a screen shot of the actual pipboy to mimic the status screen. There are also several easter eggs hidden within the status screen. Normally on a pipboy screen  you will find your S.P.E.C.I.A.L, but to keep away from copyright issues, and to tie it in more with Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I changed it to I.N.V.I.N.V.I.N.C.I.B.L.E. Also changed RADs to NI! and the experience points are actually dates, 1975 when The Holy Grail was released, and 2012 when this shirt was printed.

This shirt will be available for $12 plus free shipping Tuesday July 10 only. After Tuesday, it will be $15 and only for a limited time. 

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Great Banana in the Sky

"Yummy, me want big giant sky nanner!"

So I was sitting with my wife and baby just having a regular conversation on Saturday. Out of no where this idea popped into my head to have Donkey Kong flying in one of those barrels from the DK Country series to get at the moon, which he believes to be a big 'ol banana. I ran and grabbed my sketch book and doodled it out. The first one was super crude, and I even put a glass bowl on his head, like a space helmet.

Here is the second sketch I did after thinking it out a bit more. I decided to add Diddy Kong in there too. After looking at this I decided to try a different style this time. Instead of my usual think line art, I decided to do a flat color design.

For the background I used a navy shirt for the night time backdrop. I did all of the background stuff in photoshop and all of the character art in Illustrator.

Originally it did not have the lighter blue fade either. To make this a 6 color shirt, I had to get creative with the colors. I had 3 browns, one being for the barrels. I instead used the lightest and darkest browns halftoned together which freed up the lighter blue. I think this really sells the idea.

There was a lot of talk about the moon when I showed this to people. I originally had it as a full crescent moon. But the majority ruled and I modified it a bit, I rounded the bottom, and kind of flattened the top some to make it more banana-like. Currently I have submitted this to Shirt.Woot, and it has made it to the editorial meeting. Cross your fingers for me!