Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kill Phil (Sorry Phil) printing on Qwertee!

Kill Phil (Sorry Phil) Available on for 24 hours!

This is my third official print on one of the daily tee sites. This design came to me around Halloween. One of my favorite movies was on TV, Shaun of the Dead, so of course I watched some of it. But I noticed that Comedy Central removed one of my favorite parts, where Shaun and Ed sit and plan how to save everyone, they go through several plans, all of which include killing his infected father-in law named Phil and rescuing his mother. Comedy Central only plays the last version of the plan. See the clip here.

So as that was on the top of my mind, Kill Bill Vol.1 came on and I came up with this idea. Kill Phil done in the style of the Kill Bill movie posters. Now I know what you are thinking... the Kill Bill posters are yellow. Once I got into the design I felt thinks were getting lost on the yellow background, so I found a version of Kill Bill on black with yellow type setting, so I went with that.

So I  merged the Shaun of the Dead stance with the Bride stance of the Kill Bill poster. I turned the cricket bat down to match the sword angle from KB and removed the flowers. I also decided to go with a more animated style to avoid licensing issues. I also added a swoosh of blood in the background to mimic KB but to also give people a reason to say "you got a bit of red ya."