Friday, August 24, 2012

Call of Duty: Zombie's Perk-A-Cola's

Juggernog by Loco Robo Co.
Jugger-Nog Soda, Based of Coca-Cola.

So my latest designs are based on the Call of Duty: Nazi Zombie mini-game. So basically your goal in the game is to survive as long as you can against waives and waives of zombies. As they added new levels to this mini-game, they added new features, like a mystery box that could give you a super awesome weapon, like a ray gun or a dud, like a sniper rifle. They also added Perk-A-Cola's, they are vending machines that you spend  your hard earned zombie killin' points on which give you perks similar to those from the multiplayer side of Call of Duty. Anyway, that is where all of this is coming from...

The concept.
The inspiration for the zombie hand.
I wanted to do a design that looked like an ad. The original CoD: Zombies was in the CoD: World at War which was a WW2 game. So the time period was set to the late 40's. I happen to love that time period so the designs where a lot of fun for me. I started with Jugger-Nog, a perk that gives you double health. I decided to start looking for Coca-Cola reference art, the vending machine in-game looked like an old school Coke machine. I found lots of material to work from, including this hand ripping through paper holding an ice cold Coke. I said to my self, PERFECT! That was the hand I needed to really sell this idea. Now I just had to "zombify" it. So after drawing the initial hand, I realized I had to figure out the wrist and arm. So I starting thinking back to my high school anatomy class... yeah that didn't get retained, so I found some good images of the forearm bones and went from there. I really wanted the bones to look like they are in the right place, so I drew the bones first, then the wrist over top. I left some detail of the bone on the wrist, but most of it got covered up later by the banner.

The inspiration for the Juggernog sign.

Once I got the hand and bottle just right it was time to thing about the sign to use. I found this classic Coke sign. It was also PERFECT! It was ornate, had the price in the corners and just overall looked the part. So I drew this up and simplified it a bit. The cool part is I only drew the top left corner and copy and pasted it in illustrator so it would look nice and symmetrical. Then I dirtied the whole thing up in photoshop to give it that vintage look. I was pumped at this point. So I challenged myself to do a design for each of the 7 remaining Perk-A-Colas.

Perk-A-Cola Series by Loco Robo Co.