Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Mega Man enjoys his morning Coff-E-Tank.

I'm a huge fan of the Mega Man game series. So of course I had to do some T-Shirt designs to reflect this. I had this idea because I'm a new coffee drinker. I started drinking coffee about a year and a half ago. I had never made the connection before, but I was googling for ideas for a new shirt, and saw a coffee mug with the E-Tank logo on it. Then I started thinking about how funny it would be to see Mega Man drinking from it.

Original Sketch

Above is my original sketch. After I was done, I realized that the proportions were way off and Megs was way too tall. Rush didn't change at all from the original though.

New scale sketch

While I was at work I doodled this to get the body language right. He had to look tired, not just in his face. I started with a curved line in the middle, and branched out from there. As you can see, all it takes to draw Mega Man is a bunch of shapes.

Sketch with robe

Then I decided to take it a step further and add a morning robe. So above is the finished vector line art, I then printed it out and drew on top of it with a red pen and scanned it. I referenced an old 50's ad that had a man in a robe to get the pattern. I did all of that free hand in illustrator.

After I got the principle characters just right, I added the finishing touches. I made a simple kitchen out of easy shapes and did a halftone backdrop. I have shopped it around to the daily shirt sites but haven't had any luck. But if you have a ton of disposable income, feel free to take a look at the finished product here.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Duncan Hills Coffee

Duncan Hills Coffee by Loco Robo Co.

Here is my latest T-Shirt design. I have seen a lot of other Starbucks spoofs floating around. The newest season of Metalocalypse is running, so I've been watching it and listening to a lot of Dethklok lately. I was surprised to find that this concept hadn't been done before. I jumped on the idea immediately!

Original concept sketch.

So I had the idea floating around in my head for a while, and finally had a second to sketch it out (above). I first sketched out a really rough version of the actual Starbucks logo. Then I drew the new design of Nathan Explosion over. I used a Sharpie to see if the black and white shapes would work out well.

I had a lot of trouble doing the devil horns, every time I drew the hand it just didn't look right. So I took a photo of my own hand at the exact angle I wanted and referenced that. I decided to swap it to the right arm (left of design) and add Nathan's trademark microphone.

Finally I took the original stars on the Starbucks logo and flipped them upside down and outlined them into pentagrams. I have thought about doing a version for each member of the band, similar to the coffee mug episode. If I find the time, I probably will. That way people can wear their favorite Dethklok member.

(June 2016 Update: I apologize for the water marks on the image, people keep stealing my design and trying to sell it as their own.)