Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Duncan Hills Coffee!

Duncan Hills Coffee by Loco Robo Co.

I am a huge fan of the show Metalocalypse and the music that came from it from Dethklok (Brendan Small). For a while I had seen a bunch of other T-Shirt designs with the Starbucks logo on the daily shirt sights. So this was on the top of my mind when one day my ipod randomly pulled up non other than, the Duncan Hills Coffe Jingle. As seen here...


I frantically searched the internet to make sure this amazing idea had not been done already. And to my surprise it had not! I started working on it immediately. I grabbed a notepad and started sketching it out. I started with a loose sketch of the original Starbucks logo, then started drawing Nathan's face over top. I thought to match the mermaid tails (or whatever they are) I would put both hands up with the devil horns sign. But when I took this to digital it looked dumb, so I went with one of his classic mic holding hands. Now for the devil horns I ended up with, I took a picture of my hand to get the angle just right. Then I swapped the starts for pentagrams and BOOM a brutal design is born.

So finally this design is being printed on one of the daily shirt sites. This will be available at ShirtPunch on Thursday May 30th 2013 for only $10! If they sell enough they may even do the sequel designs! See below!

Of course all of these are available now at!