Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fallopoly printing on RIPT Apparel!

Fallopoly by Loco Robo Co.

Fallopoly will be printing on RIPT Apparel Friday Oct. 26! This marks my second published design on a Daily T-shirt site. Again, it is a simple design and based on Fallout, much like my Shirt.Woot design, Condition Fleshwound. I had the idea after seeing a different Chance card spoof somewhere on the internet. 

So I've taken the Monopoly Chance card, "Go directly to Jail," and swapped it with characters from the popular series Fallout. So my first thought of course is the Deathclaw. Anyone who has played this game and accidentally run into one (especially at a low level) know what I'm talking about... DEATH. So I changed the cop to the Deathclaw and the Monopoly man to the beloved Vault Boy. Luckily the Vault Boy and Monopoly man share a very similar art style, so it was an easy transition. I did however have a more difficult time with the Deathclaw. The head went through many revisions before I got it just right. I originally wanted to put it on an orange card, that way it would work any almost any color shirt. But RIPT has a deep orange color shirt, so I thought it would look best with one screen printed directly on the shirt.